2020 Spring Symposium Cancellation:
Special Message from UNS Chairman of the Board
To Be Rescheduled to Fall 2020

Due to the current health situation and the ‘pandemic’ of the coronavirus COVID-19, today the Mayor of St. Petersburg took the unprecedented step of banning any events that consist of more than 50 people — in line with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s latest guidelines.

Also, in his briefing today, the President announced new nationwide guidelines for stopping the spread of the coronavirus, calling on Americans to avoid gatherings of more than 10 people.

So, just like many other organizations and events have done, this ban leaves us no choice but to cancel our Spring Symposium.

Much as we regret the need to do this, it’s a standard action in times of illness or disease to limit the spread of any contagion by prohibiting large gatherings and keeping infected people in isolation. We had all been eagerly anticipating this Symposium and we look forward to the next one in the Fall.

Your ticket for this Symposium will be valid for the Fall. Please communicate with your hotel and airlines about your cancellation of travel plans and mention that this was out of your control or ours –  it was a mandate from local and Federal governments.

On another note, I’m sure you are aware that the American public is in a state of confusion and they’re looking for answers. Now is the time for us to be a beacon of sanity and help people understand that there are some basics that apply to beating any virus.

You could use the time you had set aside for the Symposium to help others in your area.

Take this opportunity to spread good information into your community and call all your patients in for testing so that they can get the supplements their body might need to have a strong immune system. Prepare a guide on how to stay healthy in this environment and give it out in your area.

We look forward to seeing you in the Fall.

Best regards,

Bill Johonnesson
UNS Board Chairman
Ulan Nutritional Systems

What is the UNS Symposium?

It’s a fact. The health scene out there changes FAST. That’s why every year hundreds of Nutrition Response Testing® practitioners unite in Florida to get informed of the newest breakthroughs, products and procedures being discovered. These discoveries are released at the UNS Symposium and NOWHERE ELSE. See this video about the upcoming Symposium.

What to Expect


The negative effects of vaccines on patients is an issue that is showing up more and more on every practitioner’s radar.

Dr. Ulan and other speakers will be speaking on how you can do more in helping patients with health issues that come about as a result of receiving vaccines.


The UNS 2020 Spring Symposium is our only convention that covers both management and clinical training.

It’s one thing to WANT to take your practice to the next level, but it’s another to FOLLOW THROUGH and make it happen. We invited industry leading professionals to help you build a big, booming practice.


Jackie Furlong from MetroEast Natural Healing Center in St. Paul will share a turn-key nutritional coaching program she developed for the clinic.

Program Benefits:

  • Patient improves their lifestyle habits giving them better results
  • Designed to easily train staff members to deliver
  • Saves practitioner’s time educating patient during check-up
  • Happier patient with improved patient compliance
  • Patient gains more control which helps with longer-term results
  • Additional revenue source


One word: Camaraderie. This is the one place where Dr. Ulan’s army is in one room together. You will be surrounded by practitioners who have already been in your shoes. They have faced the same problems you run into everyday, and can share their insight to help you overcome obstacles.

You just may see your fellow classmates too!


Our dress to impress formal Awards Banquet will be one for the books! Hosted by Dr. Ulan, the Awards Banquet is where we celebrate YOU and your colleagues’ latest achievements.

Some of the awards presented will be the Doctor of the Future Award and Wall of Fame Award. Who knows, you may very well be the next one to be called up on stage!

Speakers and Topics

Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN

Vaccines and Nutrition Response Testing®

Mark DeEulio

Practice Expansion Without Stress

Jackie Furlong

Nutritional Coaching: The Perfect Complement to Nutrition Response Testing

Dr. David Minkoff

Vaccines Facts and Fiction 2020

Gerald Roliz

Nutritional Solutions for a Vaccinated World

Shane Morris
Systemic Formula

Know Your Virome

Kimberly Besuden, DC
Standard Process

Metabolic Detoxification

Brad Baetz

Toxins and Innate Strategy

Bill Johonnesson
UNS Chairman

The Evolution of UNS Clinical Training and the Role of UNS

John Payne
Purelife Systems

Camel Milk: Natural Immunogenetic Healing


With more and more States starting to mandate vaccinations, and the effects these vaccines are having on your patients and their families, this Symposium is about arming you with the clinical information you need to fully help your patients. Additionally, come learn about a complementary service that goes hand-in-hand with Nutrition Response Testing to get BETTER and FASTER results for your patients! Turnkey and easy to implement! Check back on this website for updates!




The Hilton Carillon Park is conveniently located just 10 minutes from St. Petersburg – Clearwater International Airport and 15 minutes from Tampa International Airport. This quietly nestled location allows for quick access to Florida’s best sandy beaches and bright sunshine.

Some of the amenities include a fitness room, hiking trail, outdoor pool, billiards table and a walking/jogging track. The Luna Restaurant and Lounge is located by the hotel entrance and offers something for all appetites. A fresh salad bar with fruits, homemade soups and chowders are paired with a daily theme buffet including Italian, Caribbean, Eastern, American and Spanish cuisines.

Call 727-540-0050  to reserve you hotel room with promo code ULAN3

What Past Attendees Are Saying

The evidence was overwhelming on the added benefit that the Heart Sound Recorder provides. I will be bringing the HSR into my practice. Once I know about something that can better help my patients, I am responsible for bringing it into my office. I believe this technology will keep me healthier and living longer.

Kristy Harvell, DC

The info on social media was very important to me so that I can promote and grow my business and help more people and change the paradigm.

Charlene McCullough, MS

It was great! New releases to help hard cases, new products not found anywhere else on the planet, great fellowship with like minded doctors.

Brin Foley

Practice Owner

Super excited to implement the Heart Sound Recorder into my practice. This should open the door to more Nutrition Response Testing patients. Looks like a great tool for future growth and the ability to reach and help more people.

Zachary Fatkin, DC

I would recommend that all those interested in helping others get to the Symposiums, as the last one was incredible. So much info there it will take me a couple weeks to get it all “in.” It’s always so wonderful to talk to old classmates and renew friendships and “catch up.” It’s also great to meet new members of the team and see all the energy there to ‘Change the Paradigm.’ My son came to pick me up at the airport and I was so excited with the info that he caught the bug and has signed up to begin classes at UNS in May. Exciting Times! Thanks to the UNS team and especially Dr. Freddie!

Mark Holtschlag

Practice Owner

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Practitioner Price $1,195

Includes the 4-day event and Awards Banquet. Hotel room not included.

Prices go up to $1,495 on March 6th

Practitioner + Staff/Spouse $1,990

Includes the 4-day event and Awards Banquet. Hotel room not included.

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Once purchased, a ticket for Special Events (such as but not limited to the Symposium and Owners Retreat) are nonrefundable and non-transferable for other UNS services or products.

The ticket purchased expires after 12 months from the date of purchase. Special Events tickets can be transferred to another Special Event of the same type within a 12 month time frame starting from the date of purchase so long as the purchaser provides a minimum of thirty (30) days written or electronic (email) notice prior to the event of the desire to transfer the ticket to another event.   If the ticket is transferred to a different type of event (within the 12 month period) there may be an additional charge depending on the nature and length of the event.

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